Become the plaything of your own virtual mistress.

What is Toy?

Toy is an attempt to create a virtual mistress in the form of a SexScripts package. Once running, she will provide endless fun and frustration, along with any punishments required.

What do I have to do?

Run the script as often and for as long as you can. Listen out for your mistress summoning you. She likes to play and you are her new plaything…

After that, you do what any good submissive does… what you’re told, when you’re told… without question or hesitation.

What can I expect?

She’s a tease… expect a lot of tease and denial, time and time again… for days on end. But if you’re good, and she’s pleased with your behaviour… she’ll allow you the periodic release you’ll come to crave.

Of course, if you behaviour starts to deviate, punishments will be ordered.

What do I need?

Nothing… just some free time, the more time you can devote to your mistress, the better. But if you do have any toys, all the better.


I plucked these from reading back through the original forum post. Please, if you have a question, do post about it!

Does it work on Android?

Right now, no, sorry. The Android version of SexScripts doesn’t seem to provide the same access to the native Java functionality available in the desktop version. If possible, I will address this in the future, but unfortunately, it is not a priority.

Frequency of play?

Mistress will summon you for play when she wants, she’s in charge remember. That being said…

If play hasn’t occurred in the last 4hrs, it will occur within 2-10mins of you and her being available to play at the same time (see notes on calendar events), otherwise it will occur within 20-90mins.

What are calendar events?

Mistress will make plans to spend time being social with her friends. During this time, she will be unavailable for play. Poor you…. or lucky you, depending on what she had planned for you.

Events are scheduled to occur repeatedly at random times over the next 3 or so days. You can request to see her current social calendar from the lounge.

But why?

Right now, just to add a little more frustration and suspense. In the future, they will be used to introduce other characters and scenarios into play.

Customisation of activities?

Most activities are controlled by configuring the availability of toys within SexScripts itself using the standard toys.groovy, available from the Options menu.

There is no customisation of play beyond this at the moment. It is mostly random, but takes into account various aspects of previous plays. See below.

Customisation of mistress?

Toy currently allows the installation of extra image packs for those who aren’t a fan of the beautiful Ancilla Tilia or just like a little variety. These can affect the behaviour of your mistress, not just her appearance. See notes below on image packs. This will allow for the creation of custom experiences and longer term “toy trading”, where your owner may trade you between different [installed] owners, each one providing different behaviour.

What toys can I use?

Any you like… but mistress will instruct you to apply/remove/use any of the following if you have them marked as available: nipple clamps, collar, gag, wooden spoon (or similar), handcuffs, chastity device/cage, dildo (ideally one which can be used hands-free). This list will likely increase over time.

House rules

  1. Remember this is a game! It’s meant to be fun! Don’t do anything stupid or dangerous!
  2. No unauthorised masturbation. If you can’t control yourself, you should confess your sins at first possible opportunity from the lounge menu, but be prepared to be punished…
  3. No removal of your chastity device without permission… however, see point 1! Be as strict with yourself as you wish; sleep, work, personal hygiene, etc. Confess your sins to a level you are comfortable with.

Development and status

Toy is incomplete and very much a work in progress. I don’t have any particular focus at the moment (although I will address any outright clear bugs as soon as possible), I’m very much winging it based on my mood and available time. Suggestions are welcome, please post them in the forum.

You can access the git repository if you wish, and view the change log if you want to see if a problem you’ve encountered has already been fixed or are curious to what’s changed etc.


Imagery and associated data will make the backbone of customisation in Toy. It should be possible to make your own and/or publish/download new packs to suit your tastes.

What’s in a pack and how do I make one?

The basic Toy script download already contains a single pack; Mistress Ancilla.

To create a new pack, simply create the following things:

Configuration scripts

domme.groovy, person.groovy and set.groovy provide the interface for mistress configuration, such as name and title, along with sessions, when the occur, what activities they include.

domme.groovy is loaded first, values are then overridden with those from person.groovy next and finally overridden with values from set.groovy.

domme.groovy is provided in the base install of Toy and can serve as an example as well as a capable mistress. Toy also provides person.groovy for Ancilla, setting her name and fullName, but nothing. No set.groovy is provided for Ancilla.


The tags file should have the following format:


The following tags are understood and will affect selection and/or behaviour (which is currently open to change), exact usage of a tag might vary slightly depending on the character of the set and its intended atmosphere: